Lantern slide depicting the home in which David Livingstone was born. It is part of an incomplete set of 40 slides, two are missing, illustrating highlights from Livingstone's life and travels. These slides were manufactured by the London Stereoscopic & Photographic Company for The London Missionary Society, circa 1900.

Dr. David Livingstone (1813-1873) spent thirty years in Africa as a missionary and explorer. He was the first European to cross Africa and to find Victoria Falls.

Livingstone was born in Blantyre, Scotland on 19 March 1813. The family lived in a 'single-end' on the top floor of a tenement known as 'Shuttle-Row' which housed the workers of Monteith's cotton mill, where Livingstone was sent to work at the age of ten. The Livingstone household was a pious one, although during David's youth his family broke away from the established Scottish Church, with its strick Calvinist doctrine, and joined an Independent congregation shaped by the Evangelical Revival movement. This strong religious upbringing was to have a significant impact on the man Livingstone became.

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Image of a large building. Group of people outside building.

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Standard format colour Lantern Slide edged with black tape with number in top left corner.

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