A book format price list of Farm Machinery in South Australia. This publication has a soft cardboard cover with decorative printing around the title and an engraving of the Sunshine Harvester. The inside cover page lists the details of the branches and distributors and includes an engraving of the Adelaide Offices.

The book is intended for use by Agents and is prefaced with an assortment of information. Inside the front cover is reference to World War II with a notice to agents that with sincere regret the invitation to inspect the Sunshine Harvester Works must be withdrawn. A printed engraving of an aerial view of the Sunshine Harvester Works is included. It goes on to express a desire for contact with the company to be maintained and invites visitors to Adelaide to inspect the displays at the Adelaide Showrooms and make use of the services available for visiting farmers.

Other information includes delivery instruction code words for telegraphed orders, specific sales tax information regarding machinery and industry exemptions, details for deferred payment plans. An index is included at the back along with a listing of the “Sun” implements and a calendar.

The price lists begin with the “Sunshine” Harvester, followed by the larger machines, and then smaller tools, implements, gates and lubricating oil and grease. The index is 4 pages showing the increased range of products available. Within the lists are illustrations, although smaller than in the earlier years, and detailed text explaining variant models, standard fittings, extra components for purchase and specifications. Prices quoted are for delivery at Port Adelaide and a discount was applied for cash paid on delivery.

Each item has a code word included to simplify ordering. In earlier years there was a remarkable range of words, however the codes used in this publication have been shortened to a standard four letter format.

There are various updates attached to existing pages throughout the book.


'Sunshine and Massey Harris Farm Machinery AGENTS' PRICE BOOK FOR 1941'

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