Sticker with the slogan 'Respect Is A Two Way Street' produced by Australians Against Racism and Discrimination in Sydney in 2008. The sticker was produced to counteract racism in Australian society, and was sold through the social networking sites of MySpace and Facebook in 2008 and 2009, and from 2009 at the website The slogan refers particularly to relations between Lebanese Australians and Anglo Australians and calls for the two groups to respect each other.

Physical Description

Black sticker on white backing paper. Background is a road with dashed centre line marking. The slogan "Respect is a 2 way street' is typed in the top half in white between two images of the Lebanese flag on wheels. Below this are three Australian flags on wheels. Beneath this in red "".


These stickers and T-shirts are representative of the group 'Australians Against Racism and Discrimination' efforts to counteract racism and discrimination in Australian society through the social networking site Facebook. Many of the slogans on these stickers and t-shirts were created to counteract racist slogans developed and used recently, especially since the Cronulla riots of 2005. The slogans and imagery on the stickers and t-shirts are also an attempt to counteract the 'hijacking' of the Australian flag and southern cross for nationalist 'Aussie Pride' protests.

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