Alternative Name(s): Transparency of Certificate Artwork - World War I

Transparency of original artwork designed by Cecil G. Smith for a certificate to be awarded to individuals from Footscray who enlisted in the Great War, 1914-1918 Made: D.W.Patterson Co. Pty Ltd, circa 1917-1922. Certificates were printed from this artwork and distributed.

Description of Content

Original Artwork For World War I Certificate

Physical Description

At the top of the certificate, beneath a coat of arms, is a shield upon which is a symbol of Footscray - a robed woman, anvil to the right of her, hammer and cog to the left, is seated in front of a factory. Across the bottom of the shield is the latin "Et industria". The illumination around the certificate's purple border includes a eucalyptus twig and a representation of thistles and clover on a blue background.

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