Postcard featuring an image of the Rock of Gibraltar as viewed from Spain, published by the Rock Photographic Service, circa 1950s. John William Gordon-Kirkby was born in Gibraltar on 26 August 1936. His parents lived in La Linea but due to the political instability in Spain at the time, they wanted John to be born on British soil. The family moved to Morocco in 1939, and in 1961 John decided to migrate to Australia. John decision was influenced by his father who had fought alongside Australians in World War I and liked them and their democratic approach to the military, and his sister who had met a group of Australians on a visit to England in 1959.

Physical Description

Postcard with a colour image of the rock of Gibraltar as seen from Spain.


This is a small but quite comprehensive collection of material representing the immigration process of a British subject. We have few birth certificates and passports in the collection and these, with the identity documents and the receipts illustrate the process of purchasing the well known 10 pound assisted passage as well as the exchange of identity document for passport. The photos were brought with the donor and illustrate his early childhood home. It is important to continue to acquire these immigration document collections as they strengthen the range of stories and types of documents.

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