Navy blue t-shirt with the Australian Flag and the slogan 'Support it or F*!K Off.' It is one of three t-shirts which comprise a 'Hardcore Aussie Pride' pack sold online in 2009 and in a Darwin shop prior to Australia Day 2009.

Physical Description

Size 14 navy blue t-shirt. Front shows the Australian Flag with the slogan 'Support it or F*!K Off.'


These t-shirts are examples of racist and nationalist memorabilia. The t-shirts reflect anxieties about foreign invasions and a xenophobia that has characterised public discourse in Australian colonies since the Victorian gold rushes of the 1850s.

Being draped in the Australian flag is a modern day patriot's way of declaring their 'Aussie' identity'. It was used as during the Cronulla riots in December 2005 and in more recent demonstrations at Australia Day celebrations since then. The Australian flag appears on bandannas, bikinis, t-shirts, tattoos, caps and car stickers and is most often worn on Australia Day and at sporting events. The flag is often worn as a cape, a scarf and as a skirt and draped over the shoulders, especially of sports stars. However these t-shirts show how the Australian flag can also be used in the name of nationalism and patriotism to promote racist ideas and messages.

The slogans on these t-shirts are racist and seek to define Australian identity by excluding 'the other' and by excluding anyone who dares to voice criticism. The slogans "If You Don't Love It, Leave!" and "Support it or F*!k Off" are indicative if the latter sentiment. The slogan "This Is Australia we eat meat, we drink beer and we speak f#ckin' English" is aimed at Muslims in particular who have customs which ban alcohol and non-halal meat.

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