This work is part of a collection formed over a four year period by Baillieu Myer and Carrillo Gantner with support from Neilma Gantner and guidance from Jennifer Isaacs. It was first shown at the California Palace of the Legion of Honour in San Francisco in 1999 to commemorate the arrival in Australia of Sidney (Baevski) Myer, the found of the Myer Emporium, and to celebrate the trans-Pacific links between the Myer and Gantner families. The collection of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art was made to celebrate and share the distinctive creativity of Australia's Indigenous people.

Physical Description

Container made from eucalyptus bark, decorated with natural earth pigments. The bark is gathered and pleated at each end. The handles are bound and braced with bark string and resin. The decoration on both sides features Wandjina figures on a white background.

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