Black wool coat with trim of long black fur, made by the label of Madame Serini (Irredenta Itala Serini). The coat is undated, but is similar in style to a Madame Serini coat depicted in a photograph dated 1968, in the collection of the Italian Historical Society - Co.As.It. (P-06257).

Madame Serini (Irredenta Itala Serini) was a post-war Italian immigrant who arrived in Australia with her family in 1950. She had trained in Italy as a designer and dressmaker, and worked as a high-end fashion designer in Hobart and Melbourne before setting up her own label in Melbourne in 1959. Madame Serini became a leading prestige women's clothing designer across Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, finally closing in 1981.

Physical Description

Black wool coat with trim of long black fur (unknown origin) around shoulders, down front and at hem. The fur is positioned to reveal the top button attached to the wool coat. There are four buttons down front, of white pearl shell surrounded by glass diamantes, on a silver metal base. There is a black press stud above bottom button. Slit pocket on each side. Red taffeta lining.

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