Full-length coat, featuring raised gold and pink squares in metallic thread on black ground. Made by the label of Madame Serini.

Madame Serini (Irredenta Itala Serini) was a post-war Italian immigrant who arrived in Australia with her family in 1950. She had trained in Italy as a designer and dressmaker, and worked as a high-end fashion designer in Hobart and Melbourne before setting up her own label in Melbourne in 1959. Madame Serini became a leading prestige women's clothing designer across Australia in the 1960s and 1970s, finally closing in 1981.

Physical Description

Full-length rayon coat. Black background, with raised gold and pink squares in metallic thread, made of polyvinyl acetate/ polyvinyl chlorine (PVA/PVC) fibre. Tapers slightly out to hem; three-quarter sleeves. Pocket with covering flap on each hip. Five large buttons down front comprising gold-coloured chain sewn onto fabric button, with bronze beads within links and at centre. Black silk lining throughout.

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