This image was taken by Archibald James Campbell during an 1891 trip to the Dandenongs with Mr R.A. Sugars. Here one of the party with a fern fond stripped of its foliage for fishing rod tries his hand at catching a trout. Despite the idealised pristine environment Campbell notes that the English trout by this time had taken too well to the streams of the hills, having been introduced in 1857. Campbell, a well-known Naturalist, was one of the first in Australia to employ nature photography in recording his fieldwork. He was also a great proponent of environmental protection. This is evident in the lecture,'The Dandenongs' he presented at the Working Men's College in Melbourne in 1893. This image was one of 50 in the series which Campbell himself referred to as a "pictorial protest against the government...who were about to despoil a magnificent State Forest Resource."

This glass lantern slide is one of many forming the A.J. Campbell Collection held by Museums Victoria.

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Fishing pool

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