Box used to store seventeen paper tape programs in the CSIRAC paper tape library. Unless stated, the paper tapes were 12 hole.

The box is labelled B224 and contained the following paper tape programs (the T number is an identifier):
189 days checked calc'd, T909
8x9 data for various prog., T912
Difference 0-189 days Checked, T910
Double length to floating bin., T900
Math Function, T151.5a
Unlabelled, T901
Matrix preamble, T902
Matrix Inversion, T903
Program On 12 Hole Tape To 5 Hole Tape, T904
Print results 15/9/57, T905
Factorial analysis data, T906
Factorial analysis data, T907
Factorial analysis data, T908
Factorial analysis data, T911
Sums Products ?? Matrix, T913
Test data, T914
ICI-CSIRAC code conversion, T915

Physical Description

Brown rectangular cardboard box with a fully telescoping lid and no compartments in the base.

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