Child's collar made by the donor's mother Maria Bonomo (nee Lanaro) for her dowry in Vicenza, Italy in 1918-1919. The embroidered lettering refers to her initials. Maria Bonomo was born in 1897 in Carre, Vicenza province in Italy. In 1920, she married Cristiano Lanaro from Asiago, Vicenza province. Cristiano migrated to Australia in 1927, but Maria did not follow him with her children until 1950. Traditionally, Italian girls were sent for sewing and embroidery lessons at schools and convents from a very early age, in order to acquire the skills to produce trousseaux, run households and even seek employment. Sewing and embroidering for the 'corredo' was the first step by girls and their families in preparation for a future marriage. The corredo often included clothing items for the first child.

Physical Description

White linen embroidered collar with repeated eyehole design and round edging finished with lace trim. Collar comes around full circle with small button and button loop at each corner to fasten at the back.


This collection is an important addition to the museum's collections relating to glory boxes, representing the early twentieth-century Italian tradition of making hand-woven cloth and hand-sewing and embroidering items for marriage, even in straitened economic circumstances. The items also represent the tragedy of migration, which for some families resulted in long separations and economic hardships.

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