Drip brew coffee percolator consisting of three components: a server with spout, a filter group and a boiler. It was brought to Australia by Rosina Aloe (nee Bonacci), who migrated from Calabria with her children in 1953. They came to join Rosina's husband Franceso who had been working in Australia since 1949, when he had been sponsored here by his uncle.

To use, the boiler is filled with water, the filter group is filled with ground coffee, and the server is placed upside down on top, with the spout pointing down. The percolator is then placed on a heat source, and when the water reaches boiling point, the whole percolator is flipped, allowing the boiling water to drip through the filter group and collect in the server. This type of percolator is traditionaly used in the Napolitana region.

Physical Description

Drip Brew Coffee Percolator consisting of three parts: a server with spout (metal cup shaped server with small spout and black plastic and metal handle), a filter group (metal container used to hold ground coffee, the top of the container is threaded, and has a perforated metal filter to allow liquid to pass through) and a boiler (open ended metal cup like container with black plastic and metal handle).

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