Photograph album, created and kept by Douglas Bryce, an Australian army engineer who was posted to Japan immediately after World War II. The album contains almost solely photographs that he took in Japan of Machiko Mizuta who worked in the engineer's office and whom he brought to Australia as a war bride-to-be in 1952 and married in 1953.

Machiko Mizuta met Douglas Bryce, an Australian army engineer, during his posting to Kure in occupied Japan in the late 1940s. They married in Australia in 1953 and encountered both acceptance and prejudice before settling in a war service home in Clayton. Machiko remained in Australia with her children after Douglas' death.

Black and white photographs taken by Douglas Bryce circa 1948, The photographs are mostly of Machiko Mizuta in Japan, taken at work, on outings in the countryside and skiing with friends. There is a photograph of Douglas and Machiko having an arm wrestle in the countryside and one of Douglas sitting at Machiko's desk. There is also a photograph of Machiko's family in Japan and one of Douglas and Machiko standing in front of their home in Clayton, possibly with their daughter Edith.

The individual images in the photograph album are unregistered.

Physical Description

Photograph album, blue cover with pink decoration and yellow and orange flower motif set into cover. The spine is held together with olive-coloured string threaded through two metal eyelets. The album contains forty-eight pages, most with four small black and white photographs to a page, attached by brown photo corners.

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