Black and white photograph of a boiler under construction in the Kodak Australasia Pty Ltd Power House Boiler Hall, circa 1960. This view shows work proceeding with lagging the steam header and installing the re-circulating oil supply line above the burners. The explosion door is visible in the centre of the upper boiler face and a forced draft fan and air supply ducting has been completed to the right.

These boilers used cheap residual oil (commonly called bunker oil) which had relatively high ash, nitrogen and sulphur content compared with other fuel oils. Under normal temperatures bunker oil was also highly viscous and required constant heating to allow it to flow through supply lines. It also required atomising steam at the burner guns to produce a reasonable spray pattern.

This system was converted to natural gas in the 1970s.

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Large boiler encased in metal housing with evidence of new pipes being installed at the front of the structure, and boxes of material at the lower right of the image. Work platform on ladders is set up beneath pipes.

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Black and white photograph, portrait format.

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