Certificate Registration of Alien issued by the Commonwealth of Australia to Mr Sam Ah Choc, 11 August 1947. Aliens (non-citizen residents) were closely monitored and were required to report changes of address and travel (both within Australia and overseas). These restrictions were even harsher for non-Europeans and Asian residents who were unable to apply for naturalisation, until 1957. During World War Two Aliens were monitored by State Police under the Commonwealth of Australia National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations.

According to the documentation, Sam Ah Choc was born in 1876 but his arrival in Australia was not known. He was a market gardener by trade probably around the Ballarat area as in 1947 he was residing at the Mental Hospital in Ballarat.

Physical Description

Folded two sided card, front entitled 'Certificate of Registration of Alien' with masthead 'Commonwealth of Australia. National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations'. Form completed (typed) with details regarding applicant's name, nationality, birth date. address, and occupation. Other details such as Australian entry date, ship, and port not completed. Inside pages record personal descriptive details - no photograph or finger prints (deemed unavailable). Inside right page for documenting changes of abode - none recorded. Back page outlines regulations regarding new, and changed places of abode and change of name.


These documents are a significant addition to the Museum's immigration documents collection. They are amongst the few documents in the collection to represent Chinese immigration and settlement experiences and illustrate Australia's immigration laws regarding residents categorized as 'aliens'. The collection is also of interest for the insight it offers into the involvement of the police in the administration of these laws. During the 1940s the state police branches administered and monitored 'alien' residents under the Commonwealth of Australia National Security (Aliens Control) Regulations (as well as the wartime enemy alien tracking) - this was prior to the formation of the Dept of Immigration in 1945. Finally, the documents are visually powerful, some including a photograph and fingerprints of one of the residents.

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