Lantern slide with an image of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. It was possibly used during the playing or singing of the National Anthem before each concert.

Used by Mr Jack Hayward, an entertainer who held community concerts in Sydney suburbs and in Geelong from about 1928 (Lakemba, NSW) to 1939 (Geelong) and then in Geelong for a few years after World War II. "Community Singing As It Should Be" was a feature of these concerts, which also included other musical items. Community Concerts were held at the Hall of Honour, Yarra Street, Geelong on weekend evenings; his son suggested they continued until the advent of television in 1956. Many of the slides Jack used for the concerts were imported. Mr Hayward was a member of the Royal Navy before he migrated to Australia; he joined the Australian Navy during World War II.

Description of Content

Portrait of HRH Queen Elizabeth II

Physical Description

Standard format (3¼ x 3¼ inch square) colour glass lantern slide. Bound by cream tape.

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