Black and white lantern slide of a photograph with the title "Junkers Jumo 204 aero engine" as recorded on the Lantern Slides list. This is part of a group of slides probably used for presentation in classes held at the Castlemaine School of Mines & Industries.

Description of Content

A Junkers Jumo six-cylinder 204 diesel aero engine on a white background. The Jumo 204 was also built under licence by D. Napier & Son in the UK as the Napier Culverin.

Physical Description

Lantern slide comprised of two square transparent glass sheets covered along the edges by black, as well as black and off-white adhesive paper tape. The lantern slide is printed with a photograph in black ink. Text is handwritten in grey pencil on an off-white rectangular label adhered to the obverse. The lantern slide is soiled. There are sections of the paper tape which show signs of wear.

More Information