Black and white lantern slide of an illlustration of a machine component. This is part of a group of slides probably used for presentation in classes held at the Castlemaine School of Mines & Industries.

Description of Content

Front view of a Clerget 14F-01 diesel radial aero engine. The French firm Clerget Blin et Cie developed a series of rotary engines during World War I. The Clerget 14F radial was a 14-cylinder, twin-row diesel engine producing around 500 brake horsepower. The first prototype appeared in 1932 with flight testing between Paris and Bordeaux taking place in 1934 fitted to a Potez 25 biplane. Despite further development, the design was only placed into limited production before the start of the World War II and stopped after the fall of France in 1940.

Physical Description

Lantern slide comprised of two square transparent glass sheets covered along the edges by black adhesive paper tape. Spots and rectangular strips appear on the obverse and top edge of the paper tape in white paint. The lantern slide is printed with an illustration in black ink. There is a black matte border on the inside of the lantern slide. Text is handwritten in grey pencil on an off-white rectangular label adhered to the obverse. The lantern slide is soiled. The paper tape has rips in the corners and on the other parts of the slide. The white paint on the top edge is worn. A mark in grey appears on the white rectangular strip on the obverse.

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