Trade catalogue for Melbourne company Evans & Evans Pty Ltd, based at 680 - 688 Elizabeth St and 229 Chapel Street Prahran. The catalogue features advertisements for a diverse and extensive range of canvas, leather and sporting goods. The company boasted that they were the designer of the Commonwealth Flag and winner of a Government competition. The booklet includes photographs of the Evans & Evans building and illustrations and photographs of tents, tarps for agricultural and domestic use, irrigation hoses, rugs, blinds, fumigation tents, and mail bags. 'Austral' brand camping goods include items such as tents, portable tables, chairs, mattresses, bathing tents, picnic sets, stoves, sleeping bags, tools and knapsacks. Car related goods include retractable window awnings, delivery cart covers for businesses like butchers, tow ropes and wheel covers.

The booklet contains a black and white poster advertising an 'executors realizing sale' of the estate of the late James Reid on Saturday 18 August, at the corner of Hyde and Earsdon Streets, Yarraville. Nine "choice business and villa sites" were offered for a 10 pound deposit and 5 pound payment each quarter. Selling points were the electric tram route and railway station. The auctioneer was TW & AA Harris, 182 Nicholson Street, Footscray.

Physical Description

Catalogue printed in red, black and white featuring an image of a campsite on the cover. The inside pages are black and white text & illustrations with some black & white photographs. Trade discount sticker attached to front, printed in green.


'EVAN EVANS ... PRICE LIST for SEASON 1930-1931'


Evans & Evans were founded about 1880, and are a significant Melbourne company which made canvas, leather and sport goods. They were based at 680 - 688 Elizabeth St and 229 Chapel Street Prahran. Their telegraph address was 'tentmaker Melbourne'. They were the designer of the Commonwealth Flag and winner of a Government competition.This 1930 catalogue has good potential for display as well as for research. The line drawings are very appealing, and the information is very useful in describing the breadth of products and how they were promoted and used. It relates to Melbourne, leisure, work, transport, and agriculture. It would be especially relevant for any future exhibitions relating to holidaying, outdoor recreation and leisure in Victoria. The extensive trade literature collection includes only a few other items with limited sections on camping equipment amongst more general catalogues and nothing from this important local manufacturer. Items relating to the company are now relatively rare.

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