Lapel badge or button, otherwise known as a fundraising badge for Rose Day, made by A. W. Patrick, North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Part of the Captain F.S. Laurie Collection. Captain Francis Stewart Laurie served in the Australian Army (regimental #SX619) 17 Nov 1939 - 26 Oct 1945. He was born in Burnside, South Australia in 1917, and enlisted at Woodside, South Australia at the age of 22. He served in Tobruk and New Guinea, and attained the rank of captain. He was in the 9 Division AASC (Australian Army Service Corps) at the time of his discharge. His uniform and other personal effects were donated to Museum Victoria by his widow, Mrs Betty Laurie.

Physical Description

Circular pressed metal badge with a plastic covered obverse, and a metal back with an attached pin. On the obverse, off-white text and an illustration of a rose is printed in pink and green ink on an off-white background. Printed text in brown ink appears on the bottom rim of the badge. The badge is discoloured and soiled. There are brown stains on the rim of the badge. The metal back of the badge is tarnished, and the original silver finish has almost completely worn away.

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