Model 8100 word processing microcomputer, manufactured by CPT Corporation of Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

CPT (Cassette Power Typing) Corporation began manufacturing dedicated word processers in the early 1970s. The 8100 model had a dictionary and a spellchecker.

Physical Description

Console & monitor: A cream-coloured metal box with a brown panel on the front. The left hand side of the front panel has an A4 sized CRT screen with a removable cover. The right hand side of the front panel has two black vertical slots for the discs. There are brown (2) and yellow (1) horizontal stripes on the two side panels. There is an ON/OFF switch at the rear and a socket for a power cable. Keyboard: A brown metal rectangular case with cream side panels and plastic keys. There are two black sheathed cables at the rear and a flat connecting cable with a 26 point socket connector. The keyboard has a standard QWERTY key layout with additional keys for wordprocessing functions and a numerical calculating pad.

More Information

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    Information & Communication

  • Manufacturer

    CPT Corporation (Cassette Power Typing), Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America, circa 1982

  • Inscriptions

    Console & monitor: On front panel: "CPT 8100" On side panels: "CPT" Keyboard: On keys: "CODE", "CLEAR/TAB/SET", "HOLD", "MAR/SET", "MAR/REL", "CODE", "INSERT", "PROG", "MOVE", "ERASE", "STOP", "CHAR", "IN", "SKIP", "WORD", "OUT", "ADJ", "LINE", "PRINT", "UP", "PARA", "DOWN", "FADE"

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    Computing & calculating, Digital computing, Word processors

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    620 mm (Width), 480 mm (Depth), 500 mm (Height)
    Above dimensions are for the CPU and screen unit only.

  • References

    Background on CPT: "CPT produced dedicated word processing microcomputers. CPT Corporation of Minneapolis, Minnesota, produced dedicated word processing systems and was one of the best known names in such systems during the 1970's and early 1980's. CPT Corporation shipped its first Series 4200 word processors in 1972, which sold for $5,000. The CPT 8100 system was a full featured word processing system that also supported CP/M and came with an on-line dictionary, spell checking software, training materials and audio cassettes. The CPT 8100 system sold for about $14,000 in 1982." [Link 1] - Retrieved 17 Sep 2010 (M. Vaughan) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Background from Wikipedia: "CPT (Cassette Power Typing) was started in 1971 by Dean Scheff in Minneapolis, Minnesota. CPT started off by offering a cassette memory accessory for the IBM Selectric Typewriter. Their major competition in the space was Wang and Xerox. Their first dedicated word processor was the CPT 4200 available in 1972 with twin cassette drives. This system retailed for $5000. Models: 4200 Series, 6000 series, 8000 series, 9000 series. [Link 2] - Retrieved 17 Sep 2010 (M. Vaughan) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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