Australia New South Wales Jamberoo
William Allen Token Penny 1855 cast copy thought to have been made to defraud collectors, not for circulation
Standard References for original token: Andrew 6 = Heyde 6

Physical Description

A cast copy of a round copper token (34 mm diameter) featuring the name and business name of the issuer: William Allen General Stores of Jamberoo. It features Arms with the motto ADVANCE AUSTRALIA and a floral bouquet of rose, thistle and shamrock. The date on this piece so poorly brought up as to be almost invisable.

Obverse Description

Curved around central image of rose, shamrock and thistle, WILLIAM ALLEN / GENERAL / STORES / . JAMBEROO .

Reverse Description

Arms of New Soutrh Wales supported by poorly formed kangaroo (left) and emu (right); above, ADVANCE AUSTRALIA; below, 1855 (the date on this piece so poorly struck as to be almost invisable)

Edge Description


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