Plastic mug used at the 1999 Warragul Women on Farms Gathering. This Gathering was a landmark event celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Women on Farms Gatherings in Victoria and a return to the location of the first gathering. The mug was distributed to participants of the Gathering upon arrival and registration, and was part of the registration show bag containing a number of flyers from sponsors and details of the weekend events and local attractions.

The mug is a very practical recurring ritual of the Gatherings, whereby each participant is given a mug and must then use it for all catering events over the weekend, thus eliminating the need to hire extra crockery and someone to wash-up. It is also a souvenir to take home, reminding the participant of the Gathering weekend.

Physical Description

Blue plastic mug featuring white text. Printed imagery features a cartoon of a dolphin, two children a tree, possum, farmer and cow holding hands.To the left of the handle is a clear sticker with white text.

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