Poster advertising a 'Free Migration Seminar' in the Redmond Barry Building at the University of Melbourne on 20 October 2006. The seminar was presented by the Melbourne University Chinese Publishers' Group and Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers targeted overseas students. The poster list subjects which will be covered during the seminar including: student visas, skilled migration and permanent visas, and the Points Text. This poster was attached to a wall at the Ballieu Library at the University of Melbourne.

Physical Description

A3 six glossy poster, red with white text and black imprints in Chinese characters.


This poster reveals the significant shifts in Australia's migration and education policies. Since the late 1990s thousands of students from Asia have arrived in Australia to undertake courses at universities and gain qualifications. The aim of both the sending and receiving countries is that graduates will return home to apply their new skills and knowledge. However once in Australia many students choose to extend their visas or apply for permanent residency through the skilled migration category.

This poster demonstrates the complexities involved in the migration process and the migrant categories available for these students. The connection with the Melbourne University Chinese Publishers' Group suggests the particularly regional and cultural target audience where the demand lies. The poster also implicitly refers to the developments in university courses which aim to attract overseas student fees, thus generating an audience for such a seminar.

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