This passport belonged to Clement and Florence Moore who migrated to Australia with their six year old son Maurice (not listed on the passport) from England on the Orsova in 1935. Clement Moore, a steward on the Orient Shipping Line, was offered a job at the Melbourne retailing firm Cox Brothers, which he accepted, desirous of leaving the difficult economic conditions in England. The family lived in Caulfield, Victoria, and then in Wagga, NSW, during World War II before settling in Flemington, Victoria. They had two more children, and Clement worked in many retail and hotel positions throughout his working life.

Physical Description

British Passport, stiff dark blue cover with the British coat of arms gold embossed on front cover and text inscribed in gold. Passport has 32 pages, most for visas stamps. The passport contains two purple stamps, one made in Colombo (15 June 1935) and one in Fremantle (25 June 1935). The first two pages records the passport holders names - Mr Clement Garrison Sharman Moore and Florence Maude Moore (nee Emmett), and their status as British subjects by birth. Also recorded are birth details, employment and physical descriptions, and two photographs of Clement and Florence, stamped 13 May 1935.

More Information