Copper strike of the Congressional Medal awarded to Captain Jared S. Crandall and Others, by the United States of America, 1873. The medal was awarded to the ten men who saved 32 people from the wreck of the steamer Metis in 1872.

Since the American Revolution the United States Congress has commissioned gold medals as its highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements and contributions. Each medal honours a particular individual, institution, or event. Often off-metal strikes were later produced for artistic and commemorative purposes.

Obverse Description

The rescue of a woman with the steamer sinking in the background and a rescuer pointing to others in the water.

Reverse Description

At the centre within an oak wreath, TO / / FOR / COURAGE AND HUMANITY / IN THE / SAVING OF LIFE / FROM THE WRECK / OF THE / STEAMER METIS / ON / LONG ISLAND SOUND / AUGUST 31. 1872; around, BY RESOLUTION OF CONGRESS FEBRUARY 24. 1873.; the artists names; W. & C. BARBER in small letters at left.

Edge Description

The edge is plain

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