The Kittanning Medal (also known as the Armstrong medal), United States of America, 1756. Designed by Edward Duffin, Philadelphia. The original medals were struck by the order of the City of Philadelphia for the destruction of the Indian village of Kittanning and awarded to Colonel Armstrong and his commissioned officers. This example was prepared at the Philadelphia Mint in the late 1870s.

Obverse Description

The shield of arms of the City of Philadelphia; around, THE GIFT OF THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA.

Reverse Description

The Indian village of Kittanning in flames with bodies beside a river at right, the nearest body being shot by a soldier; in the foreground at right, Lt. Col. John Armstrong stands facing, holding rifle and points a seedling standing beside a tall tree; two soldiers stand guard to the left; around, KITTANNING DESTROYED BY COLL. ARMSTRONG; in exergue, SEPTEMBER 8 / 1756

Edge Description

The edge is plain

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