Handmade Monopoly game created by the donor's uncle when he was about 10 years old (between 1964 and 1966) and living in Elizabeth, South Australia. The game was used on family caravan trips.

Physical Description

Broken match sticks, buttons, short pieces of blue ribbon and pieces of hand written paper Secured with rubber bands.These items are housed in a plastic Tupperware container with RACQ sticker on lid.


This handmade monopoly set is an excellent example of the ingenuity of children to create their own games. In this instance, a popular commercially-produced board game has been imitated and adapted by a young boy. Whilst museums can hold examples of traditional homemade games and often hold examples of mass-produced games, it is relatively rare to see a homemade version of a commercial product.
The creator and his parents used to take frequent family trips in the "Egg"; a caravan built by the father who was an aircraft engineer. The caravan was kept constantly stocked so the family could leave for the weekend immediately after the father finished work on a Friday. Often they travelled to the Flinders from their home in Elizabeth, South Australia, but they also travelled up to Queensland and even around Australia. The boy's mother set him the task of creating his own monopoly set as small as he could possibly construct it, so that it could be conveniently taken on caravan holidays with the family.

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