1 Rupee, Issued by Asaf Jah VII (Mir Osman Ali Khan), Hyderabad Princely State, India, 1331 AH (1912-1913 AD); Regnal Year 2
Milled Coinage
Minted by Haidarabad

Obverse Description

Chahar Minar Gateway with two minarettes; around, a Persian legend, the Hijera date 1331 below gate.

Reverse Description

At centre within a cord circle, a Persian word; text around, a legend in Persian script; the Regnal year, 2, below inner cord circle.

Edge Description

The edge is milled.


Asaf Jah VII, Mir Osman Ali Khan became the last Nizam of Hyderabad upon the death of his father in 1911. He was created "Faithful Ally of the British Crown" after World War One a reward for his financial contribution to the war effort. The No. 110 Squadron RAFs original complement of DH.9As were Osman Ali's gift. The unit was known as the Hyderabad Squadron. He also paid for a Royal Australian Navy vessel, N-class destroyer, HMAS Nizam (G38/D15) which was involved in actions in the Mediterranian (including Tobruk) and later around New Guinea and The Philippines.

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