One of three albums in the R.E. Johns collection. The page following the index to the album includes a handwritten inscription: 'R E Johns from Hudson Williamson, Barkly, Victoria, 1862'. A label with 'R.E. Johns' is adhered to the inside back cover of the album. Although the album is dated to 1862 the photographs within have dates ranging from 1865 to 1872. The date of 1862 may well refer to the date R.E. Johns received the album or compiled the album. The column in the index which lists the date probably indicates when R.E Johns obtained the photograph or added it to the album or it may actually refer to the date the photograph was taken. Cross referencing of the photographs to other collections where the photographer and date of photograph is known has supported this theory. With reference to the provenance of each photograph; although some information is available from the index regarding the background of the subjects, it is not always assured that the photograph was actaully taken in those places.

Physical Description

Small hardcover album, brown, with embossed design on front and back; with brass trim and small brass catches one of which is no longer present. The album contains 52 albumen prints window mounted in carte-de-visite style. Inside the front cover of the album is an index totalling three pages with handwritten entries provide a page number, some content information and a year date for each photograph. Contains photographs depicting indigenous people and art from Asia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Australia. Label adhered to the inside back cover of album identifying the owner.

More Information