Returned Sailors', Soldiers' & Airmen's Imperial League of Australia badge, V61252. The badge was made by Stokes & Sons, Melbourne.

Badges were worn by members of the Returned Sailors, Soldiers & Airmen's Imperial Australia League who returned from active service outside Australia. The Returned Sailors, Soldiers & Airmen's Imperial League of Australia (RSSAILA) was renamed the Returned and Services League of Australia Limited (RSL) in 1990.

Physical Description

A brass badge in the shape of a shield with a perpendicular metal attachment at the rear with two holes holding a two prong metal wire. In the centre of the obverse is a scene of a group of three men - a sailor, soldier and airman - moulded into the metal. The scene is enclosed within a blue enamel circle with printed text in gold. Underneath the circle is a scroll in red enamel with printed text in gold. In the background is a shield of white enamel with representations of wattle, a leek, a rose, thistle and shamrock (symbols of Australia, Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland respectively). Above the shield is a bulb-shape, over which a piece of metal moulded into the shape of a crown is attached by three prongs. The obverse of the crown has a number moulded onto the obverse with a blue background. There is text moulded and engraved into the reverse of the badge. . Other symbols in the badge include: the crown, which represents Australia's status as a constitutional monarchy in the Commonwealth; red, which represents the blood tie of war that exists between comrades; white, which stands for the purity of motives in joining the League - to render service without thought of personal gain or ambition; blue indicates a willingness to render that service to a comrade anywhere under the blue sky - wherever he or she may be; the sailor, soldier, and airman marching together enclosed within a circle shows that within the circle of the League, all services and all ranks march together in unity and comradeship.

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