Album contains photographs depicting people, activities and places, associated with New Britain, and New Ireland , including Rabaul, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Some people and places are identified by the accompanying captions. Label with handwritten entry adhered to top right front cover includes the following information: 'New Britain, New Ireland, Miss G. Millar, Methodist Missionary Society.'

Physical Description

Oblong light brown album with a hard cover containing 54 pale brown soft cardboard sheets, reinforced with paper rings, some detached. Album has been hole punched and bound with white cord. Adhered to the inside front cover is a map and adhered to the album pages are 98 b/w photographs and one loose b/w photograph. Many of the photographs have captions printed in white ink on the photographs and/or handwritten captions and explanations written underneath and/or around them. Some pages have captions, however the photographs are no longer present. Front cover has a white sticker on top right hand corner with handwritten caption.

More Information