Paper ration card issued in Germany during World War II. It was used by the Wieser family for food rations during World War II. It was brought to Australia by the family when they migrated from Germany in 1951. The Wieser family were of German ethnicity, yet grew up and lived in South Tyrol making their citizenship was unclear. Considered Italian citizens prior to World War II after the war they were alternately considered to have Italian and German citizenship. The Wieser family's migration experience, is one of statelessness and displacement, both during World War II and afterwards, and of continual movement and fracturing of the family upon their arrival in Australia.

Description of Content

Used by donor's family for food rations during World War II. Belonged and brought to Australia by family in 1951.

Physical Description

Paper ration card. It features the Nazi insignia in top left hand corner and most of the ration coupons have been removed from the border of the card. The reverse side features two recipes to make with rations.

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