Attendance record for Claire French (nee Wieser) at Innsbruck University, from 1944 to 1946. According to Claire, all students had their lecture attendance strictly documented. Although it was difficult for women to attend university under Hitler's regime, Claire managed to attend Innsbruck University from 1943-44, studying International Law and Political Science. She brought her attendance record with her when she migrated to Australia with her family in 1951. In Australia she completed her studies at the University of Melbourne. The Wieser family's migration experience, is one of statelessness and displacement, both during World War II and afterwards, and of continual movement and fracturing of the family upon their arrival in Australia.

Physical Description

Small hard cover booklet with thirty four pages. The front cover records the student as 'Wieser Klara' from 'Selb' in the 'philosophischen' faculty at the 'Universitat zu Innsbruck'. The first page has an image of Klara (Claire) Wieser and then a series of pages signed and stamped between 1943-19444. It also contains a separate typed listing of Klara's subjects completed at Innsbruck University from 1943-1948.

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