Silver medal awarded to Messrs Barbier and Thetae for wine by the Geelong and Western District Agricultural and Horticultural Society in March 1857. Minted by Pinches, London.

Physical Description

Silver medal in its original brown leather box.

Obverse Description

Cattle with sheep, harnessed horses and portable engine in backgound. Around top : GEELONG AND WESTERN DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL / AND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY. In exergue, plough, around, PINCHES, LONDON

Reverse Description

Around, wreath of fruit, vegetables, vines and grain. In centre, engraved PRIZE / Messrs Barbier & Thetae / for Wine / March 1857

Edge Description



Statement of Signifigance:
The Agricultural society medal is the earliest example of an agricultural society medal in the collection, dating back to the pre-phylloxera Victorian wine industry.

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