Alternative Name(s): Knucklebone

This astragalus bone was excavated at Casselden Place in 2003. It is from the hindquarter of a goat or sheep and part of a group of eight that may have been used to play the game knuckle bones.

'When I was a child, we played in the street with hoops; we played hopscotch, and chasey, and cowboys and Indians, running right round the blocks and that. We even played marbles too.' (Marie Hayes, born and raised in Little Lon 1920-1940)

To the children who lived there, Little Lon was home. The streets and lanes were their playground - for tossing knucklebones, flicking marbles or chasing over the cobblestones. Their chants and laughter were part of the sounds of Little Lon.

Physical Description

This astragalus bone was from the hindquarter of a goat or sheep, it may have been used for the game knuckle bones.

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