Part of a collection of 30 black & white photographs relating to the Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station, created by former superintendent engineer Mr John Halliday.

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View from the first floor balcony of the Superintendent Engineer's residence 'Blair Athol', at Spotswood Pumping Station, looking east towards the Valve House and Pumping Station buildings by the Yarra River. Rita Halliday, daughter of the Superintendent Engineer, is standing on an asphalt footpath that runs diagonally from the front gate of the residence past the Valve House and down to the Pumping Station. An unknown man is standing on the parapet of the Valve House roof. Beside the path are several small eucalypt trees and several electric lamps on reinforced concrete posts. Behind the Valve House is a large brick chimney of the Pumping Station, and to the left, an electric power transmission line pylon and North Straining House. To the right of the Valve House are three large iron pipes (perhaps parts of the Rising Main removed during construction of the Valve House), and in the background, the roof of the South Coal Bunker and South Boiler House of the Pumping Station.

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