Part of a collection of 30 black & white photographs relating to the MMBW Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station, created by former superintendent engineer Mr John Halliday.

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View of the vegetable garden on the south side of the Superintendent Engineer's residence 'Blair Athol', at Spotswood Pumping Station. John Halliday is standing in the garden dressed in a waistcoat and tie, leaning against a shovel. His daughter Rita is standing at the gate. On the left side of the garden against the house is a fruit tree. There is a wire netting fence and wooden picket gate in front of the vegetable garden. In front of the vegetable garden is the post of a clothes line. In the background is one of brick chimneys and part of the North Boiler House roof of the Spotswood Sewerage Pumping Station.

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