Football Record for the Victorian Football League 1st Semi-Final between St Kilda versus Melbourne on 25 September 1963 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Probably purchased by a person attending the game.

The pages are filled with advertisements (including for radio and TV football broadcasts and programs), articles, letters to the editor, player listings for the day's Under 19s, Reserve and Seniors matches, player positions and statistics.

Physical Description

A5 size 32pp record plus cover; stapled twice at centre. White cover with two blocks of colour representing the two competing team's colours - blue and red (Melbourne) and red, black and white (St Kilda); graphic image of Brownlow Medal against red background and an advertisement for 'Nu-Plastik British paints.' Price 1 shilling.


Football records have long been an intrinsic part of the experience of going to the football. Records, published by the VFL/AFL, are purchased at or near the ground by record sellers who spruik for the business. They become the constant reference point for the afternoon, listing both players' lists for the match, with space for the supporter to fill in goals and points kicked by each player, as well as player positions. Teams for the Under 19s and Reserve matches were also listed. Records also include advertisements as well as articles on aspects of the game, players, coaches and the teams. Records become a memento of the match, hence their lack of rarity.

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