Digital photograph depicting singer-songwriter Jill Stevens at the Women on Farms Gathering, Tallangatta 1993. Jill is a Melbourne-based geologist and environmentalist who composed the theme song, 'Aussie Women Farmers, We are One' especially for the Tallangatta Gathering. Jill led the song each time it was sung throughout the weekend, which promoted a special bond between all the women. Jill, whose mobility is restricted to a wheelchair, heard about the Gathering through ABC radio.

'We came here to this gathering of farming women proud,
For we had the need to tell our women's stories right out loud.
We came to tell of love and hope at home, our struggles and despair.
And were given strength and friendship, as we laughed and cried and shared.'

-First verse of 'Aussie Women Farmers, We Are One'.

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Jill Stevens, singer/songwriter, pictured outside at the Women on Farms Gathering,Tallangatta, April 1993.

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Colour Digital Photograph.

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