'Imperial' extendable view camera with accordion-pleated bellows, manufactured by Thornton-Pickard, Britain, 1904-1910.
The square camera has an Ensign symmetrical lens and a roller blind shutter.

Designed as a field camera, it was ideal for outdoor photography and in use during the early part of the twentieth century (1904-1925). It was compact, designed to fold up and easily transportable as indicated by the strap handle at the top of the body. It combined high quality optical instrumentation and craftsmanship, made of mahogany with brass fittings and an Ensign symmetrical f8 brass bound lens.

Physical Description

Square wooden, foldable camera. Black leather accordion-pleated bellows. Brown leather carry strap on top. Brass fittings and knobs. Roller blind shutter. Rack and pinion focus. Ivory round inlay with brown text on top of shutter box. Roller blind shutter with a black tassel attached to ring and string. Ground glass in hinged wooden holder at rear of camera. Text around exterior of lens. Ivory round inlay in right side of rear standard with black text and image.

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