Alternative Name(s): Writing Case, Writing Slope, Travelling Desk

Portable folding wooden writing desk with key, made circa 1827. The top of the desk opens and folds down to make sloping writing surface and reveal storage compartment for pens, etc. There was a small glass inkwell with a silver lid found in the desk.

Physical Description

Wooden box with brass corner fittings, plaque, handle, hinges and lock. Inside the box is a writing surface of wood covered in blue velvet. The surface can be folded in two places. Under each side of the writing surface is a compartment , probably originally used to store writing supplies. On the underside of one of the writing panels there are two thin ribbons of crisscrossed silk secured with brass tacks. There is a small glass bottle with a silver plated lid and a metal key in the box. There is a small drawer inside the box on one side.

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