Poster titled 'Places in the Heart' featuring the painting 'Four Arches - Limmen Bight Country' by Ginger Riley Munduwalawala, 1993, South-east Arnhem Land, N.T. Printed text on the reverse includes a statement on the artwork submitted by the artist. The painting was the winning entry in the Australian Heritage Commission's National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage Art Award 1993.

Established under the Australian Heritage Commission Act 1975, the Register of the National Estate is a list of natural, Indigenous and historic heritage places throughout Australia. Under that Act, the Australian Heritage Commission entered more than 13,000 places in the register. In 2004, responsibility for maintaining the Register shifted to the Australian Heritage Council and a new heritage system was subsequently established: the National Heritage List, which was designed to recognise and protect places of outstanding heritage to the nation, and the Commonwealth Heritage List, which includes Commonwealth owned or leased places of significant heritage value.

Physical Description

Colour ink on glossy paper. Title: 'Places in the Heart'. Features a painting of birds of prey hunting snakes in a desert landscape in red, blue, black and white; printed text in black image. Printed text on the reverse.


Places in the Heart - Our National Estate

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