One of thirty-two black and white photographs in an album [two are loose] taken by A J Campbell during a Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria expedition to King Island. The album also includes maps of King Island in the inside front cover and back page and numerous newspaper clippings relating to the expedition. One of the newspaper clippings, written by one of the members of the party, documents the mission of the expedition thus: 'It is our intention, before the introduction of numerous foreign plants and animals rendered it impossible to do so, to ascertain as precisely as we could in the short time at our disposal the fauna and flora indigenous to the island.'

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Marble headstone erected on the foreshore on King Island to the memory of Wm. Dazell Nicholson ,'Tilly' Dale and others who perished near this site in the wreck of the ship British Admiral on 23rd May 1874. Photograph taken by Archibald J. Campbell during a scientific expedition by the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria to the island in November 1887. A man, probably a member of the expedition, is taking notes [transcribing the epitaph] near the headstone.

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Black and white photograph

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