Silver metal ash tray, which was won as a prize for a 'Fancy Dress' competition on the SS Orontes by Amy McCloskey in 1955. In 1954 Amy and a friend decided to go on a 'working holiday' to England in 1954. She returned to Australia on the SS Orontes in May 1955. On her first night on board she met Percival Alfred (Pat) Thomas, who was immigrating to Australia. Amy and Pat struck up a friendship and had dinner together every night on the voyage. Most of the immigrants were put in the bottom half of the ship but Pat was on E Deck like her because he had paid his own fare. Amy and her friend won the ashtray at a 'Fancy Dress' competition, where they dressed as 'Siamese Twins'. Amy recalls that it was a great, fun life on board and felt the Australian Government had set things up very well for the immigrants travelling out, except that families were broken up when males and females were separated.

In Melbourne Pat left the ship, to stay with a cousin, and Amy returned home to Sydney, they corresponded and Pat visited Amy in Sydney. They were married in 1958 and lived in Noble Park. They had two children and often returned to England by ship for holidays.

Physical Description

Round ashtray with a silver metal frame, a cigarette holder on the side, and a glass insert. There are decorative bows on each side act as holders. There is glass inside the ashtray under which is a colour image of SS Orontes on what looks like blue and purple butterfly wings.

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