Patch presented in 1998 by the Ouyen Women on Farms Gathering committee for the Women on Farms Gathering perpetual banner. The theme for the Ouyen Gathering was 'United We Meet, United We Stand.' The patch is now attached to the perpetual banner which is used at the Gathering each year.
This item is part of the Invisible Farmer Project. A key aim of this project is to redress the absence of rural women in mainstream histories and museums.

Physical Description

Square white patch featuring a square white, central panel that has been sewn onto the main patch. The panel features a logo that is printed in green and depicts a map of Victoria with a woman's face inside a star over Ouyen. A sheaf of grain is represented, with local products (oats, wool, barley, lamb, wheat) listed inside each seed head. Printed green text reads: 'Women on Farms Gathering/OUYEN 1998/United We Meet, United We Stand'. The central panel is bordered by green and a purple satin ribbon that has been applied directly to the background panel.

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