Patch presented in 1997 by the Bendigo Women on Farms Gathering committee for the Women on Farms Gathering perpetual banner. The hand-painted logo shows a woman looking past the farm gate and paddocks to a city skyline and the sky beyond, representing the theme 'Over The Fence - Across The World.' The organising committee received lots of positive feedback about this logo with its colourful but simple graphic. The patch is now attached to the perpetual banner which is used at the Gathering each year.
This item is part of the Invisible Farmer Project. A key aim of this project is to redress the absence of rural women in mainstream histories and museums.

Physical Description

Square white twill fabric patch featuring a handpainted, colourful circular central logo. The logo depicts city buildings and a rural grazing scene with sheep, cattle, a fence and a woman's head with a wide brimmed hat. Hand painted text reads: 'Over the fence - across the world/BENDIGO 1997.'

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