A file drawer containing patient medical records for the practice of Dr James Cockburn Whitehead of Abbotsford, Melbourne, Australia, together with several sheaves of loose papers.

The drawer contains around 250 records and entitlement cards (issued by Repatriation Dept), filed alphabetically from A to Z. The patients are primarily ex-service personnel (army, airforce, navy and WAAF, who served in World Wars I and II); some were POW and some are widows/children. Their birthdates range from the late 1890s. Information dates from the early 1950s up to the late 1970s. Patients are mainly residents in and around Abbotsford, where Dr Whitehead had his rooms. Records list disabilities as a result of war service as well as other medical conditions. Patient records include those of Percy John Everest and Frederick Augustus (aka Augustus Frederick) Rosel.

Dr Whitehead was born in 1908 in Boort, Victoria. During World War II he served as a captain in the 3rd Division, 42nd Ambulance, Australian Army Medical Corps (service # VX104268).

Physical Description

A wooden file drawer with a cream painted front and a metal label holder and opener. Approximately 250 yellow cards, some with sheets attached with staples, separated by blue dividers. There are also several loose sheets with medical information and correspondence relating to the patients. These have been removed from the drawer and placed into manilla folders, sorted by patient name.

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