Print of a political cartoon from the 'Bulletin' featuring a Sunshine Reaper-Binder in a military context 'harvesting' a field of soldiers that the machine is tying into bundles like sheaves of hay crops. The caption reads: "Reckon we'll get two thousand to the acre, Sarge!". Drawn by Eric Jolliffe. It is possible that the military context is World War II and Australians defeating the Italians in North Africa or the Middle East.

Physical Description

Black and white cartoon printed on white paper. Features an illustration of a harvester being pulled by horses and driven by a soldier in military uniform, who is brandishing a whip and smoking a cigar. He is rounding up an army of soldiers using the harvester, whilst aeroplanes explode in the background. The soldier is looking over his shoulder at the sergeant. The caption is printed underneath. Some tears around the edges.

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